Sorry, folks. I was home, and loved every minute of it. Or at least that’s what I want to remember, even if it is most evidently an exaggeration. In any case, my apologies to all of you who read this blog / would have liked to hear of me over the holidays, but did not.

But now! I’m back. To beautiful cloudy Bruxelles, and, eventually, to blogging. A notorious non-maker of resolutions, I nevertheless promise that I will try my best to write one post per week.

I arrived to my new home at about 5pm, with a huge and horribly heavy suitcase (and another, not so huge and heavy one to complement it), switched the heating on, then ventured out to get some food for the upcoming days. I also got a bucket for the cleaning I will have to do at some point, as well as a nice comfy two-step ladder I also felt the need to have in my flat. It will also act as a chair until I get one of those (there’s an Acting Chair to all my fellow language freaks).

I found then something to call pyjamas for the next couple of days. And now, I will sleep.

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