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It’s also a very good question why I was about to sit down at a terrace on this sunny Friday afternoon all alone – but alone I was, and convinced I should not deprive myself of the good things of life just because of the lack of good company.

So I sat down, ordered a glass of fruit juice, and started writing. At the next tabe, just in front of me, sat a man wearing a horribly elegant dark suit and a pair of highly reflective sunglasses.  I had this feeling he was watching me from behind them, which made me slightly unconfortable. At a certain point, he stood up and took a step toward me.

’Excuse me, could you please keep an eye on my things while I go inside?’

’Of course.’

’I’m just going to get another coffee – would you like something too?’

’No, thanks.’

’Maybe another juice? It would be my pleasure.’

Thanks, but no, thanks.’

He went in, came back and sat down. Some minutes later the waitress brought him his coffee, and then put a glass of juice in front of me. I looked up at him, at askance – I thought I had been clear enought about not wanting any more. He shrugged, lit a cigarette and sipped his coffee.

I returned to my writing, leaving the glass of juice intact on the tabe, this time being absoulutely sure of being watched. He sat there in front of me for about another twenty minutes, then took his jacket and walked away.

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  1. Some lifesigns, please? Not that I am setting such a good example… Only, it’s terrifying that I haven’t been here for a month and I haven’t missed a post 🙁

    • Apologies. I guess the fact that even respondong to a comment has tekan me two weeks, explains it. I’m alive, I promise. I also have a couple of half-finished post dating from Easter onwards, some more issued with the site I wanted to fix before posting more, and even more doubts on what I should write about and what’s better left unsaid in this very secret but still public space.
      And though the speed of my response may have indicated otherwise, it feels very good to know you visit the place from time to time 🙂

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