Lost and found

I have found 4 (four) lost cellphones so far – I gave them all back, of course. I found the keys of a Vespa once – I gave that one back, too. I found another motorbike key in a mall, and gave it to the lost and found service, not having any better idea. I even found a car key when walking with my best friend (or maybe she found that? anyway), and we left it there, for it was in the middle of the street – I still think we could have done better.

Now, I found a notebook. (and a pen in its spiral binding.) On the street. Having lost one of this kind myself, I would rather give this one back to its owner – but so far I have’t found anything that could indicate the identity of him or her. And I’m insanely curious. And…


It is written in English.

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  1. It seems so 🙂 but as curipus as I am, I was way more interested in my sister and nephew who were her for this last week and wnt home today, so I rather spent time with them than on deciphering the thing 😛

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