On new years and lives

I used to be a great fan of the concept of starting new live, quite independently of new years, to the point that I ended up writing in my major arcana series (Spanish and Hungarian only, sorry),
“I start a new life today – one of many hundreds”.
I love clear-cut beginnings and huge changes happening in a moment more than anyone else I know – I’m one of those people who open all the boxes and put everything in its place the day after moving in the new place (storage place permitting, of course), but at a certain point I had to realise that even moving across the continent cannot give me a new life. I have only one.

I happen to have an issue with new year’s resolutions, too.
If you celebrate New Year’s (and if you don’t why would you time your changes to it?), January the 1st is pretty much the worst day to start anything constructive: you’re way too likely to be hung over, full from last night’s snacks, sleep deprived or at least disoriented, having messed up circadian rythm, and you probably have too much alcohol and not-quite-healthy food in your fridge from the holidays. Add to this, in my case, that I spend the holidays at home and then have to come back to Brussels. (For the record, I spent New Year’s at my parents’ and went to sleep at half past midnight, but still.)

I have it easy, for my birhday is on the 22nd of January, so I can postpone any new projects until now and still feel that new beginnings are justified. Indeed, I strive not to start anything before this date. I don’t make resolutions, but I do have projects, mostly related to dance, health and fitness. And poetry – one should never forget poetry.

So here’s to new light, new beginnings – and the one and only life we have.

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