the efficiency of bad luck

Last night, just as I was about to go out to the French conversation table where I go every second Monday, I realised I had left my wallet in the office. I wasn’t overly happy, but it was not the first time, so I didn’ worry too much, either.

This morning I realised that though my wallet was indeed in my office, my MOBIB card (the one for public transport) and my credit card wasn’t.  Nor in the canteen where I last used the latter, nor at the reception / lost and found has anyone seen or heard about it. So in my lunch break, just after having visited an apartment – I will have to move out at the end of the year – I came home to look for them again, to no avail. So I went to  the bank, which turned out to be unnecessary, as the only way to block a card is by phone, so that I did.

If this wasn’t enough, I had some problems with a rather problematic tooth of mine – that is, I lost the filling from it, so after work  1) I went to one of those few metro stations where you can get the card and got a new one (the good thing about the electronic system is that it has the same validity as the lost one), 2) went to see another apartment, 3) went to the emergency dentist to get my tooth taken care of (may I mention that the dentist did not speak practically any English).

This was my most efficient and productive day in the last two weeks.*


*yes, I did finish my translations for today, too.

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