Check out my itinerary (travelled and planned):

I left Brussels on the 6th of June last year, and spent  about 6 months cycling along the Atlantic to Andalucía, staying in Cádiz for Winter.

I'll leave for the 2nd part of the trip, from Cádiz to Genoa, in May 2023.

If you'd like to meet up fro coffe, join me for some days on the road, or schedule a workshop / performance / other project with me, let me know!

Follow the adventure

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For the coming months, expect lots of poetry, personal stories and travel adventures, as well as thoughts about practical minimalism, pragmatic and environmentally sound travel tips & resources, and musings on  personal and artistic growth. 

There will be some photos from the road, too.

About my writing

My writing is a mix of storytelling, short poetic prose and poetry, and somewhat philosophical musings. I write in 4 languages: Hungarian, Spanish, Italian and English, though lately I've been focussing on English to reach the widest possible audience.

My texts have been featured in:

  • How We Make Love: When Poetry and Theater Meet – a night of synthesis: poetry theatreized // theatre poeticised, organised by Leuven Writers Collective (2016)
  • Lit Up – a night of poetry, prose and art, organised by Leuven Writers Collective and Proper Writes Leuven (2015)
  • Daemon Tales Anthology, published by Proper Writes Leuven (2015)
  • X. edition of the Castello di Duino Competition, where my work won the Targa del Centro UNESCO and was published in the book Io / Tu (You / Me, Ibiskos Editrice Risolo, 2014.)
  • Rendhagyó Irodalmi Magazin – online poetry magazine (2012)

My work was also featured in Armando Cristofori's 101 Artistic Toastmasters, available on Amazon.

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Develop your dance skills

I help Western belly dancers become more expressive performers by deepening their understanding of, and connection to, their music.

I have over 20 years of experience in Oriental dance, solid foundations in a variety of dance styles from Salsa through European folk dances to Flamenco, as well as 15 years of training in Western classical music.

I use my understanding of various musical and dance traditions to enable foreign belly dancers to connect to Egyptian music and dance through their own cultural experience, draw on the music to express their emotions in performance, and establish an authentic connection to their audience.

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